For my non-ballroom dancing readers, a brief explanation: "Classic" is an event held twice a year in which the students dance in front of a judge. The judge gives them a score 1-5 (1 being high) on how well they danced according to the level and age group they entered.

Students either dance with an instructor, or as a couple. Each leader (male or female) wear’s a number on his or her back to distinguish the couples to the judge. Instructors are numbered with a red number, students with a black number, and generally are numbered starting from a different point separated by 100. (e.g. Students were numbered starting with 100, and instructors started from 1 for this classic)

And now, for some Videos from this Classic:

First up, a Waltz my wife (Jen) and I danced together:

Next, a Waltz Jen danced with our Instructor Jeff:

Jen and Jeff dance a Rumba:

Jen and I dance a Rumba:


And Finally, Jen and Jeff dance a Hustle: