In Visual Studio, if you execute the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E,Ctrl+S inside the text editor, all of the whitespace characters will be shown. Depending on the theme that I’m running, I’ve been tending to have this turned on. However, once I did, I started to get disgruntled by the excess space that is sometimes left on the ends of lines. Generally this is unintentional I realize, but this is something that notice, and is the idea for the title of this blog.

Reasons for starting the blog:

  1. Career advice:
  2. Being a passionate programmer:
  3. Scott Hanselman's Social networking for programmers

I can’t say that I agree with all of the points made in the above articles, but they were compelling enough that I’ve created this site.

An honorable mention might go to the idea that having a blog has been said to help one focus. I’m not sure about this, but I have no evidence to suggest that I would lose focus by blogging, so I’ll start blogging, and will find out if it makes my focus “worse, or better.”