This blog post is a long time in coming, I’ve been meaning to blog about it for some time now, and here it is.

MadEdit is a free and open source text editor that one can find on SourceForge by searching for “MadEdit” or at this url: 

While I love MadEdit, I don’t use it for all of my text editing tasks, though there’s no reason why I couldn’t use it for all my text editing tasks. Perhaps I think that always using MadEdit would be like using a sledge hammer to hammer in a nail. Some Editors just have a more efficient function, and to use anything more is just excessive.

Here is a quick and dirty video I made of the main ways I use MadEdit:

MadEdit Video Demo

Edit: In my video I only use 6 items from the spreadsheet, but I think it's easy to see that with larger data sets and more rows that using a tool like MadEdit is more compelling, and a huge time saver.

Additionally, MadEdit is a simple .exe file, no install required. So you can place it somewhere in your Windows path and run it from the "Run" dialog, or use it any way that notepad.exe is used by default