What Kind of Beginner are you?

The first question for you is: Are you new to Python? (i.e. you’re an experienced programmer already) Or, Are you new to programming in general?

I’m Am New To Programming

Here’s a giant list of resources for getting started with Python for non-programmers.


Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on getting an environment setup, and explains a lot about each piece of the work-flow:


To get your feet wet and to start coding with limited setup on your machine, you can use a 100% online coding experience like https://www.pythonanywhere.com/

Another site for quickly building Python Apps in a browser is https://anvil.works - Note, this one does require some knowledge of how python classes work.

I’m An Experienced Programmer, New To Python

Here’s a link to a giant list of links for those with Programming experience, but not Python experience: